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ECLiPSE RBAV-AF plate carrier (Ranger Green) (RBAV-AF)

This new BAE ECLiPSE RBAV (Releasable Body Armor Vest, Air Force) variant is designed specifically for the Guardian Angel Weapon System (USAF PJ) and contains several new features not found in other versions. The current pouches configuration is assembled for an assault with additional protection.

Capacity 19
Class 4
Material Titanium
Durability 45
Protected Zones chest
Turn Speed -1 %
Movement Speed -4 %
Ergonomics -2
Grid Size Max. Weight
1 1x3
2 1x3
3 1x3
4 1x1
5 1x1
6 1x1
7 1x1
8 2x2
9 1x1
10 1x1