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NPP KlASS Bagariy armored rig (Bagariy)

In the second millennium, the equipment of a soldier received serious changes in view of new threats and tasks. A better level of protection was required, so the Russian army needed a reliable and functional body armor. In the mid-2000s, the MVD, which was later reorganized into the Russian Guard, received Bagariy bulletproof vests. Bagariy was used both by ordinary soldiers of the internal troops, and in special forces. Actively was used by PMC BEAR as the main heavy body armor.

Capacity 25
Class 5
Material Steel
Durability 55
Protected Zones chest
Turn Speed -14 %
Movement Speed -21 %
Ergonomics -9
Grid Size Max. Weight
1 1x1
2 1x1
3 1x1
4 1x1
5 1x1
6 1x2
7 1x2
8 1x2
9 1x2
10 1x2
11 2x2
12 1x2
13 2x2