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FirstSpear Strandhogg plate carrier rig (Ranger Green) (Strandhogg)

Taking its name from an Old Norse Viking term for a lightning raid, Strandhögg was one of the first formalized battle tactics to use covert infiltrators in advance of an actual raiding operation. Strandhögg was a tactical game-changer in its time, just like the technological advances FirstSpear is bringing forward in this line of plate carriers.

Capacity 17
Class 4
Material Aluminium
Durability 45
Protected Zones chest
Turn Speed -4 %
Movement Speed -6 %
Ergonomics -3
Grid Size Max. Weight
1 1x3
2 1x3
3 1x3
4 1x1
5 1x1
6 1x1
7 1x1
8 2x2