Noveske KX3 5.56x45 flashhider

The Noveske KX3 Flash Hider, aka the Burning Pig, is designed to increase reliability in short-barreled members of AR-15 family by increasing back pressure and directing the muzzle blast forward of the shooter. Although originally designed for short-barreled AR-15s, it will work on any barrel length and have since been introduced for a variety of mounts. This particular KX3 may be used on 5.56mm barrels with 1/2x28 threading.

Ergonomics -2
Raid Moddable Yes
Type Conpensator
Accuracy +3
Velocity +0.4
Recoil -6
Size 1x1
Weight 0.204 kg
Base Price ₽ 7,237
Rarity Superrare
Max. Stack 1