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Perfotoran (Blue Blood) stimulant injector (Perfotoran)

A blood substitute with the function of oxygen transfer, used as a powerful antidote capable of relieving toxins, poisons, and radiation damage. It was developed by Soviet scientists in the 1980s. It is a submicron emulsion based on PFO compounds. Once in the blood, it temporarily speeds up the metabolism and regenerates tissues. Negatively affects health in case of overdose or rejection.

Type Stimulator
Resources 0
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 2 sec.
Chance Value Removes Duration Cost
Toxication 100 % - Yes 60 sec. 0 res.
Antidote 100 % - No 60 sec. - res.
Radiation 100 % - Yes 60 sec. 0 res.
Rate Duration
Health Rate +1.5 60 sec.
Energy Rate -1.1 60 sec.
Skill Level Duration
Metabolism +5 60 sec.
Health -15 60 sec.