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SJ12 TGLabs combat stimulant injector (SJ12)

Developed for the operatives of special units. Slows down some functions of the body and they temporarily start working with energy regeneration. The drug forces the release of vasopressin in the hypothalamus, which leads to a change in the work of the adrenal glands, lowers body temperature and increases perception. After the end of the action, there is usually a jump in temperature to 40-42 degrees as a compensation for the incorrect functioning of the body systems.

Type Stimulator
Resources 0
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 2 sec.
Chance Value Removes Duration Cost
Body Temperature 100 % +6 No 300 sec. - res.
Rate Duration
Hydration Rate +0.05 600 sec.
Energy Rate +0.05 600 sec.
Skill Level Duration
Perception +30 600 sec.