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SJ9 TGLabs combat stimulant injector (SJ9)

Designed for special forces personnel. It makes it possible to reduce the human body temperature for a short time, significantly slowing down the metabolism. The use of SJ9 leads to a significant reduction in the amount of heat released into the environment, while maintaining a safe level of metabolism inside. It is used during night operations, allowing to be hardly visible for thermal imaging devices.

Type Stimulator
Resources 0
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 2 sec.
Chance Value Removes Duration Cost
Pain 100 % - No 120 sec. - res.
Body Temperature 100 % -7 No 300 sec. - res.
Tremor 100 % - No 420 sec. - res.
Rate Duration
Health Rate -0.1 420 sec.
Skill Level Duration
Metabolism -20 300 sec.