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3-(b-TG) stimulant injector (3-(b-TG))

Combat drug. It has a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system. Increases perception and attention. It can slightly improve strength indicators, due to more powerful signals to the muscles. The active substance is 3-(b-Phenylisopropyl)-sydnonimine hydrochloride. Allowed for use only by military doctors and paramedics.

Type Stimulator
Resources 0
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 2 sec.
Chance Value Removes Duration Cost
Tremor 100 % - No 45 sec. - res.
Rate Duration
Energy Rate -0.25 120 sec.
Stamina Rate +1 240 sec.
Skill Level Duration
Attention +30 240 sec.
Perception +30 240 sec.
Strength +10 240 sec.