Adrenaline injector

Sterile disposable syringe with a dose of adrenaline - the main hormone of the adrenal medulla. It is used to enhance the physiological response associated with the preparation of all muscles to increased activity. Temporarily boosts strength, endurance. Relieves the sensation of pain.

Type Stimulator
Resources 0
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 2 sec.
Removes Duration Cost
Bloodloss No - sec. - res.
Fracture No - sec. - res.
Pain Yes 60 sec. 0 res.
Contusion Yes 60 sec. 0 res.
Toxication No - sec. - res.
Radiation No - sec. - res.
Size 1x1
Weight 0.1 kg
Base Price ₽ 24,200
Rarity Superrare
Max. Stack 1