IFAK personal tactical first aid kit

IFAK is a personal medical kit issued to soldiers in service. The official first aid kit in the U.S. Marine Corps IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit of the United States Marine Corps). The latest, third generation (gen3), the most well-designed and and rich in contents.

Type Medkit
Resources 300
Resource Rate 50
Use Time 3 sec.
Removes Duration Cost
Bloodloss Yes 0 sec. 30 res.
Fracture No - sec. - res.
Pain No - sec. - res.
Contusion No - sec. - res.
Toxication Yes 0 sec. 0 res.
Radiation Yes 0 sec. 0 res.
Size 1x1
Weight 0.8 kg
Base Price ₽ 14,852
Rarity Superrare
Max. Stack 1