AI-2 medikit

The AI-2 medikit was developed as a standard service first aid kit for various defence and law enforcement agencies and civil defense forces of USSR. In case of all-out conflict with the use of weapons of mass destruction it should have been distributed to the population of the affected and surrounding areas.

Type Medkit
Resources 100
Resource Rate 50
Use Time 2 sec.
Health +1.00/res.
Removes Duration Cost
Bloodloss No - sec. - res.
Fracture No - sec. - res.
Pain No - sec. - res.
Contusion No - sec. - res.
Toxication No - sec. - res.
Radiation Yes - sec. 0 res.
Tremor No - sec. - res.
Tunnel Vision No - sec. - res.
Destroyed Part No - sec. - res.
Size 1x1
Weight 0.5 kg
Base Price ₽ 3,250
Rarity Common
Max. Stack 1