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Golden Star balm (GoldenStar)

The famous Vietnamese "Golden Star" balm, also known as Cao Sao Vang, is made from essential oils like Camphor, Menthol, Peppermint, Cajuput, all mixed into vaseline. A small amount of the balm is applied to the sub-district and rubbing of the skin: for headache - the temples and the nape of the neck, with a cold - under the nostrils, the common cold - in the chest, back, abdomen, insect bites - on the place of bite. External use only!

Type Drug
Resources 10
Resource Rate 0
Use Time 7 sec.
Energy -19
Chance Value Removes Duration Cost
Pain 100 % - Yes 350 sec. 0 res.
Contusion 100 % +100 % No 5 sec. - res.
Radiation 100 % - Yes 400 sec. 0 res.
Rate Duration
Hydration Rate +1 5 sec.
Energy Rate +1 5 sec.