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RSh-12 12.7x55 revolver (RSh-12)

The powerful RSh-12 (Revolver Shturmovoy 12 - "Assault Revolver 12") revolver, manufactured by KBP Instrument Design Bureau, designed for use by special forces. Despite the powerful 12.7x55 mm caliber, RSh-12 has less recoil than many other large-caliber revolvers and pistols, since the shot is fired from the bottom chamber of the cylinder.

Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Type Secondary
Class Pistol
Caliber 12.7x55mm STs-130
Action Double
Rate Of Fire 30 RPM
Effective Distance 70 m
Fire Modes
Recoil | 493
― 340
Ergonomics 40
Accuracy 6.88 MOA
Fold-/Retractable No