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TDI KRISS Vector Gen.2 9x19 submachine gun (Vector 9x19)

The KRISS Vector SMG is the ideal choice for law enforcement and military seeking a controllable and compact weapon system for close quarter combat environments. The low bore axis and Super V recoil mitigation system allow for controllable shots when firing in full-automatic, or fast semi-automatic follow up shots. Compatible with Glock 9x19 magazines.

Manufacturer KRISS USA Inc
Type Primary
Class SMG
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Blow
Rate Of Fire 950 RPM
Effective Distance 200 m
Fire Modes •• •••
Recoil | 37
― 351
Ergonomics 65
Accuracy 8.59 MOA
Fold-/Retractable Yes