Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62x39 Hunting Rifle Version

Molot OP-SKS Carbine is designed for loading with 7,62×39 — the most popular ammunition. The weight and dimensions make the carbine ergonomic for shooters of any age and height. It has been used for all types of traditional Russian hunting for more than 50 years. Tested on predators in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, Middle East.

Type Primary
Class Assault Carbine
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Action Gas
Rate Of Fire 40 RPM
Effective Distance 400 m
Fire Modes
Recoil | 182
― 400
Ergonomics 40
Fold-/Retractable No
Size 4x1
Weight 2.627 kg
Base Price ₽ 21,814
Rarity Rare
Max. Stack 1