Yarygin MP-443 Grach 9x19 pistol

The PYa MP-443 (Pistolet Yarygina MP-443; "Yarygin Pistol MP-443", GRAU Index: 6P35) widely known as "Grach" is a Russian semiautomatic pistol chambered in 9x19. It was designed by Vladimir Yarygin in the 1990s and adopted as a standard sidearm by the Russian military, law enforcement agencies, and special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It features a high capacity magazine and can be equipped with the B-8 mount to install additional attachments beneath the barrel.

Type Secondary
Class Pistol
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Recoil
Rate Of Fire 30 RPM
Effective Distance 50 m
Fire Modes
Recoil | 500
― 310
Ergonomics 75
Fold-/Retractable No
Size 2x1
Weight 0.79 kg
Base Price ₽ 10,437
Max. Stack 1