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Simonov SKS 7.62x39 carbine (SKS)

A Soviet semi-automatic carbine designed by Sergei Simonov for 7.62x39 cartridges and known abroad as SKS-45. Immensely popular both in CIS countries and in the West, this weapon is still in active service in some countries in form of various copies and modifications. This particular model comes from extended storage warehouses of Tula Arms Plant and haven't yet undergone the civilian weapon normalization procedure.

Manufacturer Tula Arms Plant
Type Primary
Class Assault Carbine
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Action Gas
Rate Of Fire 40 RPM
Effective Distance 400 m
Fire Modes
Recoil | 182
― 400
Ergonomics 40
Accuracy 1.72 MOA
Fold-/Retractable No