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9x18mm PM Pst gzh (Pst)

A 9x18mm Makarov Pst gzh (GAU Index - 57-N-181S-01) cartridge with a 5.9 gram steel core bullet with a lead cladding and a bimetallic jacket, in a bimetallic case. This cartridge was developed right after the adoption of the PM pistol with base on the 9x18mm PM P gzh cartridge to provide a more effective solution against hostile personnel without ballistic body protection at distances of up to 50 meters.

Caliber 9x18mm Makarov
Subsonic Yes
Tracer No
Damage 50
Penetration 12
Armor Damage 26 %
Fragmentation 20 % (1-2)
Velocity 298 m/s
Ballistic Coefficient 0.097
Accuracy 0 %
Recoil 0 %
Durability Burn +15.00 %
Misfire Chance 17.5 %
FTF Chance 2 %
Heat +3.74 %